Daniel Bell ’01

Attended: Grades 9-12

Family ties: Brother David Bell ’03; their father Bob Bell teaches English at TMI

In his own words
Daniel Bell Class of 2001My strongest memories revolve around sports – swimming and football – and the JROTC. I had a lot of fun during swim meets, (because) we would find a lot of interesting ways to keep ourselves entertained between races. The camaraderie that was built during football practices and throughout my whole time with the JROTC was amazing. I still look back very fondly on a lot of those memories.

TMI definitely took my life on a different path than I think I was headed when I started high school. (After graduation,) I went to the United States Military Academy at West Point, which I would never have done had it not been for the JROTC program at TMI.

Since my graduation in 2005 from West Point, I have been working as an officer in the US Army. I have completed two tours, totaling 27 months, to Iraq, including one in Baghdad during the surge and one in Basrah. Currently I am currently working as the Brigade Planner for the 4th Brigade, 1st Infantry Division and am getting ready for another deployment, this time to Afghanistan.

Daniel Bell Class of 2001TMI gave me a lot of self confidence. Between the JROTC program and the sports I played, my confidence in myself grew immensely. I also developed a much-needed work ethic while I was in high school that has stayed with me for the most part to this day.

The teachers at TMI were amazing and also had a huge impact on who I am today. I still enjoy going back and saying hi to some of the teachers who are still around, including Sra. (Sylvia) Gonzales, Coach (Leland) Goertz, and Mrs. (Katherine) Miller. They always took the time to help you with whatever you needed in and out of the classroom and challenged you intellectually and personally.

The self-confidence I gained back then has stuck with me to this day. I can state beyond the shadow of a doubt that if I had not attended TMI I would not have even attempted pursuing a career in the military and would not have met my wife or be where I am today.

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