Felipe Galvan ’91

Attended: Grades 9-12 

Family: Married 17 years to Tommie Joyce Galvan, with three children: Camryn, age 12, Michael, 10, Christopher, 8

In his own words:
My strongest memory of TMI was the closeness and camaraderie among my own classmates and how those attributes held true in relationship with other classes. There was always as sense of mentorship. We were all friends with upperclassmen, and when we were seniors we were friends with younger students.

Whenever you see old or new movies about high school there’s always a common theme: There are always cliques. Students are defined by who they hang out with. At TMI, when I was there, you hung out with everyone. It didn’t matter what class or what neighborhood or country you were from.

I’ve been in the military for 19 years this January and am now a physician assistant in the U.S. Army, having earned a master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Nebraska. I completed basic training in 1993 and later graduated from an Airborne course, the Ranger Indoctrination Program, Ranger course, Special Operation Combat Medic Course, Jumpmaster course, the Interservice Physician Assistant Program and Primary Flight Surgeon course.Galvan with an Army helicopter.

I’m currently an instructor in the Tactical Combat Medical Care Course and previously was an Aviation Physician Assistant for the 4th Armored Cavalry Squadron, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade Consolidated Aviation Clinic, Camp Taji, Iraq. Before that, I served as a physician assistant for three deployments during Operation Iraqi Freedom and as a medic at Fort Lewis in Washington state.

I did so many pushups in drill team as a (TMI) sophomore that I have never not maxed pushups on a PT (physical training) test. I just want to thank (Drill Team Commander) March Kimmel (’88) for that. 

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