TMI students excel in foreign-language exams

TMI students made high scores in the National Latin and Spanish exams given last spring, with a significant number of students in each subject receiving honors placements for outstanding performance.

Of the 69 TMI Middle and Upper School students who took the Latin exam, 62 percent placed – nearly double the national average of students who received awards in 2010 (the most recent year for which national figures are available). In Latin IV, Mario Cajic received a gold medal summa cum laude award and was invited by the National Junior Classical League to apply for a college scholarship. Alex Hager won his fourth gold medal in a row, for which he was awarded a copy of the Oxford Classical Dictionary.

In the Spanish exam, 98 TMI students placed. Top-place oro (gold) recognition went to José Miguel Romo in Spanish IV; Edgar Ramón and Rodrigo Zurita, Spanish III; Mariana Canales, Maria Zurita, Taylor Devlin, Ana Kuri and Chris Perez, Spanish II; and Brianna Hernández and Gerardo Martinez, Spanish I. Overall, 24 more TMI Spanish students placed than in the previous year.

The National Latin Exam is sponsored by the National Junior Classical League (JCL) and the American Classical League, and the National Spanish Exam is supported and distributed by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Both exams are given annually to students in public and private schools nationwide.