Prosthetic Apparatus Developed in the Walker Innovation Center by Andrew Cubriel ’23

Andrew Cubriel, class of 2023, has modeled, designed, and developed a prosthetic apparatus for a patient who is partially missing a finger. Andrew himself does not have the end portion of his little finger. Using the tools and systems he learned in his I&D class Andrew has created a prosthetic that slips onto the digit that is underdeveloped and bends when curling the other knuckle of that same finger. The prosthetic does this with a simple piece of wire that is connected to a ring around his finger. This is an extremely ingenious and innovative idea that has the potential to be a low-cost alternative to expensive pieces of medical equipment. It’s so easy to make and assemble that people living in regions of the world where prosthetic care is not readily available to them can either make it themselves or have it made and mailed to them cheaply. There are prosthetics like this that exist in the world, but this is the first one (that we know of) that uses minimal resources and can be created by almost anyone. We are very proud of Andrew for showing what a little bit of imagination and access to the tools in the Walker Innovation Center could potentially do for those in need around the world. Enjoy this video of Andrew demonstrating his creation.