Aidan Notzon – Speaker at “Hearts of Texas” Fundraiser

Aidan Notzon ’24, AugustHeart’s Student Ambassador, spoke at the annual AugustHeart “Hearts of Texas” Fundraiser on Thursday, November 3, about how young lives like our own Jackson Mohr, August Koontz, and many others lost their lives from undiagnosed genetic heart conditions. Aidan spoke about the ride home with his mom from Nelson Wolfe Stadium on April 18, 2021 after attending Jackson’s Celebration of Life and how impactful that day was for him. It was the moment he knew he wanted to honor Jackson and work to never let undiagnosed heart conditions steal the life of anyone ever again.

Looking ahead, Aidan will be working with AugustHeart, TMI’s athletic department, and Nurse Stacy to organize a FREE heart screening for all TMI students in the spring. Stay tuned for details in future TMI News and Notes.

Photo – Left to right: Al and Angela Notzon, Tim and Erika Mohr, Aidan, Denice and Marc Notzon, Sylvia and Bill Stewart, Former TMI Parents