TMI Students Participated in the Texas State Junior Classical League (TSJCL) Convention

This past weekend, April 8-9, 2022, TMI Latin students, accompanied by their teachers Claudia Monsalvez Clark and Alleyne Rogers, joined schools from across the state at Alamo Heights High School to take part in the annual Texas State Junior Classical League (TSJCL) Convention. The TSJCL is a state organization that is part of the larger National Junior Classical League, an organization for middle and high school students who are taking classics-related courses. NJCL proudly holds the honor of being one of the largest academic youth organizations in the world. 

There are over 35,000 members in approximately 1,000 chapters, located in almost every state and in several foreign countries. Established in 1936, the organization seeks to promote the study of Latin and Greek, to benefit students and teachers alike, and to impart an understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity.  The area convention provides a space for these students to compete in a variety of subjects relating to the classics. 

What follows are the results from this past weekend.  We are extremely proud of our students as they worked hard and did remarkably well competing at the state level.

TMI Episcopal Middle School 2022 TSJCL Convention Results
Decathlon: This test covers reading comprehension in Latin grammar, vocabulary, Latin Derivatives, Roman history, Roman life, Latin literature, mythology, Greek Derivatives, and geography if the ancient world. 

5th place:
Henry Burgos ’26, Level 1/2 B

Individual Academic Tests
1st place ribbons:
Eshaan Sanka ’27, Greek Derivatives, Level 1/2A
Lucas Senecal ’27, Mottoes and Abbreviations, Level 1/2 A

2nd place ribbon:
Henry Burgos ’26, Reading Comp, Level 1/2 B

4th place ribbons:
Noah Kitayama ’26, Latin Derivatives, Level 1/2 B
Ivory Stoltz ’27, Roman Life, Level 1/2 A

Pentathlon  This test covers reading comprehension in Latin, vocabulary, grammar, mythology, and Roman life. 

Summa Cum Laude:
Henry Burgos ’26, Level 1/2 B
Noah Kitayama ’26, Level /2 B
Lucas Senecal ’27, Level 1/2 A
Ivory Stoltz ’27, Roman Life, Level 1/2 A

Magna Cum Laude:
Bella Patel ’27, Level 1/2 A
Eshaan Sanka ’27, Level 1/2 A

TMI Episcopal Upper School 2022 TSJCL Convention Results
4th place:
Indigo Keener ’22, Level 5

Individual Academic Tests
2nd place ribbons:
Auden Murphy ’23, Latin Sight Recitation, Level 5
Auden Murphy ’23, Latin Oratory, Level 5

3rd place ribbon:
Emily Kitayama ’24, Latin Derivatives, Level 3

4th place ribbon:
Gabrielle Beck ’23, Classical Geography and Monuments, Level 5

5th place ribbons:
Zerui Gao ’25, Greek History, Level 2
Indigo Keener ’22, Advanced Reading Comprehension, Poetry, Level 5

Maxima Cum Laude:
Zoey Gates ’24, Level 3
Emily Kitayama ’24, Level 3
Srijan Konda ’24, Level 3

Magna Cum Laude:
Hannah Jackson ’24, Level 3
Indigo Keener ’22, Level 5
Isabella Lopez ’25, Level 2
Olivia Talley ’25, Level 2

Cum Laude:
Gabrielle Beck ’23, Level 5
Sarah Joy Dudley ’25, Level 2
Zerui Gao ’25, Level 2

Sweepstakes, TMI Episcopal Upper School, Gold Division (10-29 participants): 8th place