TMI students compete at Texas State Junior Classical League Convention, Mar. 27-28, 2015

This past weekend, TMI students had the opportunity to travel to Amarillo and compete at the 2015 Texas State Junior Classical League Convention. Students from all over the state gathered at Amarillo High School on Friday, March 27, 2015 for the first round of academic tests and continued on Saturday, March 28. TMI students performed admirably! Because of their performance and due to the size of our delegation, TMI was able to place 7th overall as a Middle School in our division.

Individual results for all TMI students are as follows:

1st Place
Amanda Kyle in Roman Life ½ A
Lucas Prado in Vocabulary ½ A

2nd place
William Elms in Greek History ½ B
Lucas Kirma in Dramatic Interpretation ½ A

3rd place
Lucas Kirma in Decathlon ½ A
Amanda Kyle in Mythology ½ A
Joseph Kyle in Ancient Geography and Monuments ½ A

4th place
Samantha Dickie in Classical Art ½ A
Jack Torpey in Dramatic Interpretation ½ B

5th place
Samantha Dickie in Greek Derivatives ½ A
Bridget Lynch in Decathlon ½ B and in Roman Life ½ B
Lucas Prado in Derivatives ½ A
Manaal Salman in Mottoes and Abbreviations ½ B
Jiayi Zhu in Decathlon I

6th place
Allison Dickie in Mottoes and Abbreviations ½ A
Dillon Goldmann in Greek Life and Literature ½ B

7th place
Peter Fera in Dramatic Interpretation I
Kyle Nevitt in Reading Comprehension ½ B
Jack Torpey in Classical Art ½ B

8th place
Dillon Goldmann in Roman History
Ally Kotopoulos in Latin Derivatives I
Eric Lull in Greek Derivatives ½ B
Jiayi Zhu in Mythology I

9th place
Nyssa Brown in Mythology ½ B
Joseph Kyle in Roman History ½ A
Michael LeJune in Grammar ½ B

10th place
Ally Kotopoulos in Advanced Grammar II
Anne Masterson in Ancient Georgraphy and Monuments ½ B
William Oliver in Vocabulary ½ B
Pentathlon test results:

Summa Cum Laude
Kyle Nevitt
Jacob Saenger
Jiayi Zhu

Maxima Cum Laude
Dillon Goldmann
Amanda Kyle
Joseph Kyle
Michael LeJune
Bridget Lynch
Lucas Prado
Manaal Salman
Jack Torpey

Magna Cum Laude
Ethan Arellano
Nyssa Brown
Samantha Dickie
Peter Fera
Lucas Kirma
Ally Kotopoulos

Cum Laude
Allison Dickie
William Elms
Brooke Kotopoulos
Anne Masterson
Chinedu Ofoegbu
William Oliver