TSJCL Area B Convention 2015

This past Saturday, February 21, 2015, 21 Middle School and 18 Upper School Latin Students spent their Saturday joining 1,200 local area students at the 2015 Texas State Junior Classical League (TSJCL) Area B Convention at Reagan High School. It was an early start and a very long day, but it was so worth it by the time we got to the awards ceremony. Individually the students did well and gained honors for themselves, and collectively the students made TMI proud: the Middle School placed 3rd in sweepstakes Silver division and the Upper School placed 5th in sweepstakes Gold division.

Below are the individual results:

1st place ribbon and trophy

Joey Kyle, Ancient Geography and Monuments, Level 1/2 A
Michael LeJune, Elementary Grammar, Level 1/2 B
Bridget Lynch, Roman Life, Level 1/2 B
Kyle Nevitt, Reading Comprehension, Level 1/2 B

2nd place ribbon

Allison Dickie, Vocabulary, Level 1/2 A
Amanda Kyle, Mythology, Level 1/2 A
Anne Masterson, Ancient Geography 1/2 B
Will Oliver, Vocabulary Level 1/2 B
Jack Torpey, Dramatic Interpretation, Level 1/2 B

3rd place ribbon

Nyssa Brown, Mythology, Level 1/2 B
William Elms, Greek History, Level 1/2 B
Clifford Geyer, Vocabulary, Level 1/2 B
Lucas Prado, Latin Derivatives, Level 1/2 A
Jacob Saenger, Reading Comprehension, Level II

Fourth place ribbon

Samantha Dickie, Latin Derivatives Level 1/2 A
Peter Fera, Dramatic Interpretation, Level II
Dillon Goldmann, Roman History, Level 1/2 B
Lucas Kirma, Elementary Grammar, Level 1/2 A and Decathlon, Level 1/2 A
Bridget Lynch, Decathlon, Level 1/2 B
Chinedu Ofoegbu, Classical Art, Level II
Emmet Owen, Reading Comprehension, Level 1/2 A
Allie Prado, Dramatic Interpretation, Level III
Manaal Salman, Mottoes and Abbreviations, Level 1/2 B

Fifth place ribbon

Patrick Behrens, Classical Art, Level I
Jiayi Zhu, Decathlon, Level I

Seventh place

Karina Samuel, Mythology, Level 1/2 B

In addition to the individual subject tests, all students at the convention take the Pentathlon which is a general Latin knowledge test. These awards, together with the individual subject test awards, earn a school points towards the sweepstakes trophy.

Pentathlon Summa Cum Laude

Ethan Arellano, Level II
Amanda Kyle, Level 1/2 A
Joey Kyle, Level 1/2 A
Jiayi Zhu, Level I

Pentathlon Maxima Cum Laude

Patrick Behrens, Level I
Nyssa Brown, Level 1/2 B
Allison Dickie, Level 1/2 A
Lucas Kirma, Level 1/2 A
Bridget Lynch, Level 1/2 B
Juan Pablo Martinez Cordeiro, Level III
Kyle Nevitt, Level 1/2 B
Will Oliver, Level 1/2 B
Emmett Owen, Level 1/2 A
Lucas Prado, Level 1/2 A
Manaal Salman, Level 1/2 B
Jacob Saenger, Level II
Emmie Walsh, Level II

Pentathlon Magna Cum Laude

Jacob Carter, Level II
Samantha Dickie, Level 1/2 A
Dillon Goldman, Level 1/2 A
Ally Kotopoulos, Level II
Michael LeJune, Level 1/2 B
Allie Prado, Level III
Jack Torpey, Level 1/2 B
Harry Ware, Level II

Pentathlon Cum Laude

Austin Carothers, Level II
Peter Fera, Level II
Borna Hajivandi, Level II
Brooke Kotopoulos, Level II
Anne Masterson, Level 1/2 B
Royya Osouli, Level III
Will Elms, Level 1/2 B