Winners of TMI’s “Mole Day” contest announced

Winners of TMI’s Mole Day contest. Left to right: Jose Ochoa with “Spaghetti Molenese”; Sandra Marcushamer, “Mola Lisa”; Hannah Wool, “Captain Nemole”; and Nicole Plante, “Dr. Fiamole and Her Mole Students.”

Students in TMI’s chemistry classes entered the Third Annual Mole Beauty Pageant, observing Mole Day, Oct. 22, a national holiday that commemorates a basic measuring unit in chemistry and fosters interest in the subject. Faculty and staff and students all had a chance to weigh in, judging 50 entries featuring stuffed moles. Winners were announced Friday, Oct. 24, in chapel. In faculty and staff judging, first place went to Nicole Plante for “Dr.Fiamole and her mole students,” and the tied runners-up were Jose Ochoa for “Spaghetti Molenese” and Hannah Wool for “Captain Nemole.” In student voting, the first place winner was Sandra Marcushamer for “Mola Lisa,” and the runner-up, “Moley Cyrus,” was a collaborative effort from Ian Wickham, Hector Castillo, Osman Sharaf and Umer Salman (not pictured).