MS students place 3rd, US students place 4th at TSJCL

On Saturday, February 22, 2014, Latin teachers, Alleyne Rogers and Claudia Clark, sponsored 37 Latin students from TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas and joined nearly 1000 other teachers and students from 26 area schools to participate in the Texas State Junior Classical League (TSJCL) Area B Convention held at Roosevelt High School. The TMI Middle School Latin students brought home a 3rd place school trophy in the Silver Division putting TMI “on the podium” with St. Mary’s Hall Middle School and St. Luke’s Episcopal School, and the TMI Upper School students brought home a 4th place trophy in the Gold Division surpassing other private schools such as St. Mary’s Hall Upper School (7th), Incarnate Word (8th) and St. Anthony’s (15th). Special thanks go to two special ladies, Christine Fera and Brenda Torpey, for helping supervise students.

The following students had top ten finishes in their individual tests, which qualify them for state competition, and most contributed points toward the school trophy:

1st Place(14pts)
Ethan Arellano, Decathlon ½ B
Jonathan Clark, Roman Life Level V
Michelangelo Garces, Greek History Level ½ A
Clifford Geyer, Vocabulary ½ A
Ally Kotopoulos, Latin Derivatives ½ B
Bridget Lynch, Roman Life Level ½ A,
Jacob Saenger, Reading Comprehension Level ½ B
Susannah Wright, Roman History Level V and Decathlon Level V

2nd Place(12pts)
Ethan Arellano, Mythology Level ½ B
Nyssa Brown, Vocabulary Level ½ A
Michael LeJune, Grammar Level ½ A
Kyle Nevitt, Reading Comprehension Level ½ A
Ryan Shoemaker, Geography of the Ancient World Level ½ A
Kristina Samuel, Roman Life Level ½ A
Jack Torpey, Boy’s Dramatic Interpretation Level ½ A
Peter Fera, Greek Life and Literature Level ½ B
Brooke Kotopoulos, Vocabulary Level ½ B
Allie Prado, Girl’s Dramatic Interpretation Level II

3rd Place(10pts)
Manaal Salman, Vocabulary Level ½ A
Thomas Anderson, Mythology Level ½ B
Borna Hajivandi, Roman Life Level ½ B
Bridget Lynch, Decathlon Level ½ A

4th Place(8pts)
Alex Rodriguez, 4th place Mythology Level ½ A
Allegra Truax, 4th place Latin Derivatives Level ½ A
Grace Westerman, 4th place Latin Derivatives Level III
Gaby Font, 4th place Latin Derivatives Level IV
Jessica Overmeyer 4th place Grammar Advanced Level IV

5th Place(6pts)
William Oliver, 5th place Grammar ½ A

Other Top Ten Places (qualifying for state competition):

Jessica Overmeyer, 6th and 10th place Polychromatic Drawing
Karina Samuel, 7th place Mythology Level ½ A
Christopher Clark, 7th place Reading Comprehension Prose Level III
Hannah True, 9th place Grammar Level I
Victoria Flener, 10th place Latin Derivatives Level II
Jessica Corley, 10th place Vocabulary Level III

Although not all of our students had top ten finishes on their individual subject tests, their performance on the Pentathlon, a general Latin and classical civilization knowledge test that all students take at the convention, also helped win our school trophies. The following students contributed points to winning those trophies by achieving Cum Laude-1pt, Magna Cum Laude -2pts, Maxima Cum Laude-3pts and Summa Cum Laude-4pts on the Pentathlon:

Thomas Anderson
Ethan Arellano
Nyssa Brown
Christopher Clark
Jonathan Clark
Jessica Corley
Bridget Lynch
Peter Fera
Victoria Flener
Gaby Font
Clifford Geyer
Borna Hajivandi
Maddy Herrera
Ally Kotopoulos
Michael LeJune
Kyle Nevitt
William Oliver
Royya Osouli
Allie Prado
Berenice Quintanilla
Aidan Read
Alex Rodriguez
Jacob Saenger
Manaal Salman
Karina Samuel
Kristina Samuel
Jack Torpey
Allegra Truax
Hannah True
Harry Ware
Grace Westerman
Susannah Wright

Congratulations to our Latin students who have dedicated many hours to studying Latin not just for school requirements but also for TSJCL!

Grace Westerman, Susannah Wright and Bridget Lynch taking the Decathlon at Roosevelt HS.