Students return from the TMI summer trip to Italy

TMI students and parents enjoyed exploring the Italian cities of Rome, Assisi, Florence, and Venice during the TMI Summer Trip to Italy which took place from June 17-25 with faculty sponsor Mrs. Claudia Clark. Group participants experienced the evolution in art and architecture from ancient Roman times to the Byzantine and on to the Renaissance and the Baroque. Moreover, they learned about the political, artistic, social and religious underpinnings of the Renaissance in its birthplace and its lasting influence. All in all it was a great communal experience; parents, students and faculty shared in the joy of travel.

TMI students, Caroline Peterson and Chris Clark get hands on experience making gelato.
TMI students in the ancient Roman theater at Ostia.
TMI students and parents next to the Arch of Constantine in Rome.
In Florence withe Ponte Vecchio in the background.
Arriving in Venice by ferry!
In the grand courtyard of the Vatican.
Exploring the Vatican.
Parents and students learn their Roman numerals and get more exercise!
In front of the Pantheon in Rome.
Rome’s best coffee!
In front of the Trevi Fountain.
Stopping for a cool drink of water in Ostia.
Enjoying a gondola ride in Venice.