Alpha Company 2nd Platoon, Best Drilled

In December, both platoons from each company competed against each other in a competition known as Best Drilled Platoon. The platoon sergeants lead the platoons in a series of guidelines that they must adhere by in order to achieve a perfect score. The guidelines consist of inspection and knowledge, drilling and facing movements, and a special exhibition move that the platoons must create and perform at the end of their routine. Over the span of a week, the board, composed of the Battalion Commander and his staff members, then compile the results and select a winner, which is later announced at reveille. This year the Best Drilled Platoon was awarded to Alpha Company 2nd Platoon, led by Cadet MSG Manuel Villasenor and Cadet Staff Sergeant Chuy Suday. Also in December, the Best Drilled Squad competition is held as well. This consists of each squads from the platoons competing individually against each other with the same guidelines to follow. The winning squad is also announced at reveille. This year’s Best Drilled Squad is Alpha Company 2nd Platoon 2nd Squad commanded by Cadet Corporal Gerardo Martinez.

Photos and story by Cadet S-2 Javier Fuentes