Civil Rights Leader Rev. Gwendolyn Webb Visits TMI

On December 6th, 2022, the Alabama Civil rights activist Rev. Webb was able to visit TMI on an invitation from the Social and Religious Studies Department.  She was overjoyed to be asked to speak at both chapels, the Corps, and with a number of the classes.  She spoke on her experiences in the Civil Rights movement as a member of the Birmingham Children’s March in 1963 and the importance of moral courage, especially from today’s youth in the face of adversity.  One of her most passionate topics was on the continued need for love in our society, and how it can bring us together as a community.  Mrs. Jen Duelm, an escorting faculty member, was overjoyed at the opportunity to host her saying, “To Gwen, the lyrics of the traditional gospel song “We shall overcome…” are more than a song from the movement, it is a continued call to wage peace in our nation.”  If you are interested in her visit it is available watch on the TMI youtube channel at