Gabby Vasquez Completed 3 Weeks with ActionQuest Marine Biology/SCUBA

Gabby Vasquez ’25 recently completed a three-week voyage living aboard a research catamaran in the British Virgin Islands. Her floating home, classroom, and lab allowed her to continue to explore her underwater passion of marine life.

As part of a team, Gabby swam with and identified various sharks and other marine life; caught, tagged, and released sea turtles; explored the fragile coral reefs; examined 100+ year old wrecks and the ecosystem created; and completed various dissections (squid, sharks, etc.)–all while completing a unique research project, which coincided with the course curriculum.  

Gabby earned four PADI certifications through 24 unique dives:
Underwater Imagining Certification
Underwater Naturalist Certification
Night Diver Certification
Research Diver Certification

As a member of the TMI community, Gabby plays volleyball and softball, and is a Corporal in the TMI Corps of Cadet. Congratulations, Gabby!