Cadet SSG Lindsay Blanton IV Chosen as DFT Scholarship Recipient

Cadet SSG Lindsay Blanton IV ’24 was selected as a recipient of the Daedalians Flying Training (DFT) scholarship. As a program participant, Lindsay will receive ground and flight training necessary to achieve a solo flight in a general aviation fixed-wing aircraft through a partnership of the Daedalian Foundation, participating flights, and FAA certified flight schools.

The Daedalian Foundation sponsors up to two qualifying students per year with funds from the Tex Hill and Les Leavoy DFT Scholarship accounts. Lindsay is honored to have been chosen as a DFT scholarship recipient. He is looking forward to earning his private pilot’s license this summer and representing the TMI Corps of Cadets in this program.

Following his lifelong interest in aviation, Lindsay hopes to attend either the Air Force Academy or the Naval Academy after high school to pursue a career in military aviation and astronautics. In addition to aviation, Lindsay enjoys snow skiing and hiking, and is an accomplished pianist.