2021-2022 Alumni Day and Hall of Fame Inductees

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2021-2022 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Athletics – Members of the 1961 STAL Basketball Championship Team have been chosen to represent their exemplary accomplishments, including a 14-3 winning record, in athletics at TMI. 
  • Corps of Cadets – SGM (Ret) Turner McGarity served as Deputy Commandant of the Corps of Cadets (JROTC) at TMI from 1993 until 2009. As the Deputy Commandant, SGM McGarity set high standards, demanded attention to detail, and provided an outstanding example of servant leadership. 
  • Academics – TMI Teacher, Mrs. Sylvia Gonzalez, taught Middle School Spanish at TMI from 1997 until she retired in August 2017. She lovingly welcomed TMI’s youngest students into her colorful classroom. Señora Gonzalez, as she was referred to by the TMI community, always wanted the best for her students! This award will be presented posthumously to the honoree’s family. 

Special presentation honoring and celebrating Mrs. Alex Hernandez, honorary alumna ’22

TMI will honor and celebrate Mrs. Hernandez and her legacy of 41 years of service at TMI during Alumni Day on April 1st.

After 41 years of service to TMI, Mrs. Alex Hernandez will be “graduating” at the end of this school year from her role as a full-time faculty/staff member, but will continue to serve TMI working with alumni and special projects to further advance the future and mission of TMI.

TMI is grateful for the many years of dedication, hard work, and love that Mrs. Hernandez gave to both the school and its community members. The caring impact she had on the lives of our students during her time here–across her many positions–will be felt for years to come.

Mrs. Hernandez began her journey with TMI at “Old Main” in Alamo Heights, TMI’s second campus. She has seen TMI transition to the current campus and helped it grow into the thriving community it is today. Over the past four decades she has served in almost every department at TMI, but her favorite position is working with alumni.

Last July, she returned to the the Advancement Office, serving in her current role as the Associate Director of Alumni Engagement, leading initiatives in Advancement that foster a more vibrant and connected alumni community at TMI. She is a valued member of the TMI community and her vast amount of knowledge and experience enriches the TMI community each day.

Watch the Alumni Day ceremony and Hall of Fame presentations on our TMI YouTube Channel below:

TMI Hall of Fame
Established in 2015, the TMI Hall of Fame is an honorary society recognizing the exceptional contributions of outstanding alumni, with Distinguished Servant Leader awards for former faculty, staff and friends of the school. Inductees are recognized for exemplifying one or more of the TMI Core Values: Wisdom, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Reverence.

Nominees must have:

  • Graduated from or left TMI at least five years prior to nomination.
  • Demonstrated excellence in award-related skills and accomplishments, including recognition by athletic conference and/or other external bodies.
  • Demonstrated sportsmanship (Athletics), integrity, courage and character.
  • Demonstrated achievement as a member of the TMI community and after.
  • Teachers, administrators and coaches must be no longer active at TMI.
  • Former students who did not graduate from TMI are eligible.
  • Friends of the school whose contributions have had a major impact on programs at TMI may be considered.

Presentation of Awards
Inductees are honored at Homecoming. If their schedules require, they may be inducted at another TMI event during the school year.

Honorees’ names are inscribed on Hall of Fame plaques displayed in Ayres Hall and Frost Athletic Center.

Make a Hall of Fame nomination here.

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