Panthers Go All Out For Homecoming 2021

Panthers Go All Out For Homecoming 2021

By Lily Warr ’25 and Bernice Gitiche ’24

After a year of COVID, it was a relief to finally experience a true Homecoming Week. Panthers were able to enjoy the dance, spirit week, and top it off with a Homecoming football game victory. 

Homecoming Dance

Students pose for pictures during the homecoming dance.

On October 2nd, the TMI student community celebrated its first homecoming dance since COVID-19. For many, this was their first homecoming dance in general, so the new experience was amusing. Katie Hendrick (’25) says that “the dance was really fun” and was “surprised at how many people showed up.”

Homecoming Spirit Week and Pep Rally

Senior cheerleaders and football perform a routine during the pep rally.

For TMI’s homecoming week and pep rally, students were allowed to dress according to a different theme each day. Monday’s theme was Past vs. Future. Seniors wore futuristic clothing, while juniors wore outfits inspired by the past. Ninth and tenth graders had the opportunity to choose between the two time periods. On Tuesday, students showed up to school wearing their comfiest pajamas and sweatpants. Pajama day appeared to be very popular with everyone here at TMI. Wednesday was decades day, a day on which students wore outfits that looked straight out of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. There were bell-bottom jeans, bright patterns, and leather jackets in every direction. On Thursday, Western Day, the TMI community was dressed in their best western wear. Cowboy hats, flannel shirts, and boots seemed to be a trend among everyone participating in the theme.

Georgia Martinez (’24) interviewed Kevin Kessler (’25) who mentioned that Spirit Week was important to him because he “loves showing TMI spirit by wearing clothing I don’t normally wear.” The final day of homecoming week was homecoming t-shirt day. Everyone showed up in the Back to the Future-themed t-shirts designed for this year’s homecoming. The week was finished off with a pep rally announcing the Homecoming King and Queen (see Student Spotlight). In conclusion, spirit week was a great success and was a wonderful opportunity for students to express their creativity.

Homecoming Football Game

Last Friday night, Panthers gathered together to watch the Homecoming game. The theme was Back to the Future and the Corps of Cadets performed their traditional march before the game. New Cadets were also promoted during halftime to Cadet Private. The Homecoming Royal Court was presented later during halftime and the senior King and Queen were announced. For the first time in three years, the football team won their Homecoming game, making TMI history.

Wide Receiver Armon Gardner (’24) said that, “It feels good to win after the school hasn’t won their homecoming in a while…it felt great to make some big plays as a team and come through with the win.” Wide Receiver Dylan Dorgan (’24) was speechless when we asked him about the game, simply nodding in awe of their victory. The players shared passionate responses on their Homecoming game win and were quite pleased with how they played. 

Student Spotlight

The couple posed for pictures after being elected during the football game.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Myers (’22) and Hayden Dietrich (’22) for being announced the 2021 Homecoming King and Queen! 

Faculty Spotlight

Head Football Coach Ray Purifoy (“Coach P”), agreed to a quick interview where he answered a few questions regarding his team, the student community, and the Homecoming football game.


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