National Latin Exam honors

MAY 20, 2021–TMI Episcopal Latin students took the National Latin Exam this spring, joining 88,000 students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, as well as 20 foreign countries. Once again, TMI Latin students proved to be some of the best and brightest as two students, 7th grader Henry Burgos and 8th grader Olivia Tally, achieved the most prestigious Perfect Paper award as well as gold medals.

Congratulations to the following TMI students who also received national recognition:

Gold Medal, summa cum laude:

  • Justin Khemalaap, 9th grade
  • Noah Kitayama, 7th grade
  • Owen Bruhn, 10th grade

Silver medal, maxima cum laude:

  • Elizabeth Cubriel, 7th grade
  • Zoey Gates, 9th grade
  • Devin Khemalaap, 10th grade
  • Emily Kitayama, 9th grade

Magna cum laude:

  • Jonathan Adams, 12th grade
  • Luke Bellucci, 9th grade
  • Marcus Block, 7th grade
  • Hannah Jackson, 9th grade
  • Maria Kyle, 10th grade

Cum laude:

  • Beverly Lindberg, 9th grade

Congratulations to our Latin students and to our Latin teachers, Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Clark!