Announcing the 2021-2022 Community Engagement Council

MAY 13, 2021–TMI Episcopal is pleased to announce the 2021-2022 Community Engagement Council (CEC) leadership – TMI’s parent auxiliary group. As we prepare for next school year, we look forward to the exciting opportunity to carry on the traditions, excellence, and Panther spirit that make TMI such a special place for students. Thank you, TMI Parents, for your support and for working together to keep TMI strong!

2021-2022 CEC Leadership

Executive Committee Chairs
Lupita Corbeil, Executive Co-Chair 
Kate Vincent, Executive Co-Chair
Flora Gitiche, Treasurer 
Sharon Walls, Secretary 
Mary Ellen Herrera, Athletic Committee Co-Chair
Georg’a Walsh, Athletic Committee Co-Chair
Teri McDowell, Corps of Cadets Committee Chair  
Dana Runge, Hospitality Chair
Tracy Garcia ’98, Parent Education Chair
Juliet Briskin, School Spirit Chair
Lisa Harthan, Volunteer Chair 
Fr. Scott Brown, Ex-Officio 
Dr. Jasmine Harris, Ex-Officio
Valerie Tamez, Ex-Officio

Committees & Volunteer Coordinators
Kate Castellano, Athletic Program (Design& Layout) Coordinator
Brian & Monica Everman, Corps of Cadets Boerne Parade Coordinators
Michele Bishop, Convocation Day Coordinator
Stephanie Steunou, New Parent Coordinator
Alissa Moya, Parent Pal Coordinator
Kristin Jackson, Spirit Store Coordinator
Lesha Carlson and Yardley Padilla, Teacher Treats & Holiday Celebration Coordinators

Grade Level Teacher Treats Coordinators:

  • 6th grade: Beth Hawkins
  • 7th grader: OPEN
  • 8th grade: Chaoyu Ma
  • 9th grade: Michele Bishop
  • 10th grade: Lesha Carlson
  • 11th grade: Melissa Spruiell
  • 12th grade: Karla Tchou & Barbara Keener

Marin Morran & Kate Vincent, Uniform Resale
Michele Bishop & Yardley Padilla, Yearbook Signing Day

There are still some important areas of volunteer leadership that we need to fill before August. Please consider lending your time and talent for one of the following areas: 

  • Athletic Banquet Coordinator OPEN – plan and execute an awards ceremony and dinner at the end of the school year in celebration of Varsity athletes, parents, and coaches.
  • Athletic Sponsorship Coordinator OPEN – help garner support for advertising sponsorships for the athletic printed program and TMI live stream.
  • Athletic Concessions Coordinator OPEN – manage the volunteer schedule and inventory for concessions at home games.
  • Pit Stop Coordinator OPEN – manage the volunteer schedule and inventory for after-school snack sales in the Frost Athletic Center.
  • Homecoming Coordinator OPEN – serve as the liaison between the CEC and TMI’s Homecoming Committee and help to coordinate spirit items and half-time festivities.
  • Senior Nights Coordinator OPEN – organize recognition of senior athletes on a designated Senior Night per sport.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions or as a member at large for the CEC, please contact Valerie Tamez, Director of Advancement, by email at or by phone at (210) 564-6242.  Go Panthers!

* * * * *

Thank you to our dedicated outgoing Executive Committee members and Chairs, we are grateful for all of your hard work and dedication throughout the past year:

  • Jeff Kahl, Executive Co-Chair
  • Kristin Jackson, Executive Co-Chair
  • Kristen Adamek, Hospitality Chair
  • Karrie Sherman, Spirit Store Chair (senior parent)
  • Kerry Morrison, Past Treasurer (senior parent)
  • Beth Hawkins, Past Secretary
  • Jill Clark, Past Volunteers at Large & Uniform Resale Chair