2021 Junior Awards

May 7, 2021–Congratulations to all of our TMI Episcopal Junior Award recipients who were honored in chapel on Friday, May 7, at the end-of-year Junior Awards Ceremony.

The Charles E. Thompson, Jr. Award

The Charles E. Thompson, Jr. Residential Life Award celebrates the many years of service that Mr. Thompson, who graduated from TMI in 1948, has served TMI as a student, parent, and a long-standing member of the TMI Board of Governors. This award is presented annually to a student in the Residential Life Program who best exemplifies the mission of the school.

RECIPIENT: Jeongho Lee

The Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Sciences

Selected by the faculty and awarded to a member of the junior class for achievement in humanities and social sciences.


Bausch and Lomb Science Award

Selected by the science department faculty and awarded to the outstanding junior student in science.

RECIPIENT: Jingyi “Grace” Zhu

The Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology

Awarded to a member of the junior class who displays a strong interest in innovation and/or information technology, and high level of achievement in this area.

RECIPIENT: Taylor Nevitt

The Rensselaer Medal

“Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute congratulates you on being awarded the Rensselaer Medal! Founded in 1824, Rensselaer is the oldest technological institution in North America, and it is located in the Capital Region of New York State. This prestigious award has been awarded since 1916 to one student in any given high school and is designed to recognize that student’s strength and success in the fields of mathematics and science. Medalists who apply, are admitted to, and enroll at Rensselaer are awarded a scholarship worth $30,000 per year. We hope that you will consider a future with RPI!”

RECIPIENT: Jake Kilbride

The Harvard Book Award

This book is awarded to a junior student who has an outstanding academic record and who has made significant contributions through extracurricular activities to the school community.

For the class of 2022 the recipient is Jingyi “Grace” Zhu

Last year, due to COVID, the Junior Harvard Book Award could not be presented. The recipient of last year’s junior award, now a member of the graduating class of 2021, is Chloe Harthan.

The last book is awarded to a senior who will be attending Harvard in the fall. From the class of 2021, senior Anthony Fletcher.

The Associated Alumni of Brown University Book Award

Presented to the junior who best combines a high degree of ability in English expression, both written and spoken, and who shows those outstanding personal qualities which, in the words of the 1764 Brown University Charter, give promise that he or she may become one of the “succession of persons duly qualified for discharging the offices of life with usefulness and reputation.”

RECIPIENT: Evan Gardner

The Yale Book Award

This book is awarded to an outstanding junior for their outstanding personal Character and Intellectual Promise by the Yale Club of South Texas.

RECIPIENT: Evan Gardner

George Eastman Young Leaders Award and Scholarship

Awarded to a member of the junior class who displays strong leadership skills, is receiving excellent grades in a challenging curriculum and participates and shows dedication to varied co-curricular activities.

RECIPIENT: Farouk Ramzan

The University of Vermont Book Award

The University of Vermont is known for offering rich education, but also for activating generations of students to fight for positive social change.

RECIPIENT: Anaya Zachery

Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award

This award honors top academic performers who have the passion and integrity needed to become successful leaders. This award guarantees a $10,000 scholarship upon acceptance to Wells College and is renewable each year.

RECIPIENTS: Clara Blume and Kayla Valdez Martinez