Choir and Band End-of-Year Awards

Last night, at the end of the annual Spring Concert, the TMI Fine Arts Department began a new tradition of recognizing band and choir students who have excelled in their work.

Choral Awards
NYSSA BROWN – Middle School Singers MVP AWARD is given to that student, who, in the opinion of their peers, represents dedication to the ensemble and is an invaluable member of the Singers.

MIA JAMISON – Middle School Singers OUTSTANDING MEMBER OF THE YEAR is given to the student who, in the opinion of the music faculty, demonstrates musical growth, talent, and commitment to the choral ensemble.

NATALIE RIBBLE AND BRIAN RAMEY – Upper School Chorale MVP AWARD is given to two students, who, in the opinion of their peers, represent dedication, enthusiasm, and an exemplary commitment to the ensemble.

NAOMI CHALK – Upper School Chorale SPIRIT OF MUSIC award is given to that student who exhibits not only a love for music but a genuine desire for musical knowledge and truly enjoys the process of learning – of “knowing more today than I did yesterday!”. This student has shown an authentic curiosity and delight in the study of music in general, and the art of choral singing in particular from the first rehearsal to the final performance.

SEELEY STEPHENS – QUINCY JONES MUSICIANSHIP AWARD – QUINCY JONES is an American record producer, conductor, arranger, composer, television and film producer, magazine founder, record company executive, humanitarian, and jazz trumpeter. He has been nominated for a record 79 Grammy Awards and 7 Academy Awards, is the recipient of 27 Grammys, and a special Oscar. With his approval, the QUINCY JONES MUSICIANSHIP AWARD recognizes that student who shares this boundless energy and musical versatility. It is given to encourage the student in their pursuit of music.

MORA ORQUIN, JESSICA CORLEY, and IAN VAUGHN – FRED WARING DIRECTOR’S AWARD FOR CHORUS – FRED WARING was one of the leading choral conductors of the 20th century. He was a composer, arranger, popular music promoter, band leader, and national television personality. His choral group, THE PENNSYLVANIANS helped to spread the popularity of choral singing across the country. He has been called, “The man who taught America how to sing”. With the endorsement of his widow, Virginia, THE FRED WARING DIRECTOR’S AWARD FOR CHORUS is given to recognize the talent and enthusiasm of outstanding choral members.

NATALIE RIBBLE and ILEANA SOZA – THE NATIONAL SCHOOL CHORAL AWARD is the highest honor given to high school choral performers, and recognizes the dedication and musical achievement of students enrolled in secondary school choral programs across the United States. To preserve the prestige of the award, it is limited to two students per school year.

Band Awards
The Middle School Outstanding Musician award is given to the instrumentalist who has shown outstanding musical and leadership excellence and dedication to the TMI Band program.
The recipient for the 6th Grade Beginner Band is DANA SALINAS.
The recipient for the 7th Grade Beginner Band is MICHAEL LEJUNE.
The recipient for the 8th Grade Beginner Band is ELOISE OWEN.

WILL SOWELL – The Director’s Award is a discretionary honor that is awarded annually to an Upper school student in recognition of diligence, dedication and musical excellence as a performing Upper School bandsman and soloist. This person is also a good leader, knowledgeable about music, displays unselfishness and is a loyal member of the program.

TYLER CLIFFE – The John Philip Sousa Award
It is fitting that this award should be inspired by the name of John Philip Sousa, The March King, the premiere American bandsman who was elected in 1973 to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans. No other composer is so well known to band students, and Sousa was one of the most renowned supporters of school music programs. Since its inauguration in 1954, thousands of U.S. high schools have presented the John Philip Sousa Band Award to their most outstanding band student. The award recognizes those young musicians displaying superior musicianship, leadership, dependability, loyalty, cooperation, and other qualities of conduct which school instrumental music programs strive to impart. The Sousa award is considered the most prestigious of all Band awards given across the United States. In addition to receiving this coveted award the student’s name will become a part of the National Registry. This national registry is a permanent record of students’ achievements, and will be open for viewing by friends, family, and college admission departments. The first TMI recipient of the John Philip Sousa award is Tyler Cliffe.