TMI students named to Freshman Scholastic Society

On Monday, students were honored during chapel for membership into the Freshman Scholastic Society. The Freshman Scholastic Society is designed to recognize those freshman who maintain a GPA of 90 or above. The Freshman Scholastic Society encourages students to continue to excel in their classes to achieve membership into the National Honor Society (NHS) during their following years. These students will be eligible for NHS membership when they become sophomores and have maintained a GPA of 90 or above.

Students named to the Freshman Scholastic Society:

Victoria Flener
Michael Galo
John Garretson
Erick Gomez
Charles Harthan
Madison Herrera
Elizabeth Holmes
Alexander Johnson
Mary Kagan
Joshua Kercheville
Jin Lai
Trey Lansdale
Ty Lauderdale
Lindsey Laws
Tamara Leifheit
Bailey LePage
Juan Pablo Martinez-Cordiero
Isabella McCafferty
Noah McLaughlin
Armando Merlo
Austin Miller
Jennifer Nash
Emerald Pedroza
Nick Perez
Claire Petray
Alexandra Prado
Devin Quinn
Curtis Small
Christin Solitaire
Hannah True
Renee Umsted
Ana Paula Velasco
JuliaGrace Walker
Heyu Wang
Mark Ware
Harrison White
Hannah Wool
Julia Wool
Tianze Wu