TMI students help raise funds for Monarch Academy

The third annual Hand-in-Hand: A Night On The Runway fashion show with the students of the Monarch Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland and students at TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas took place on Saturday March 1, 2014. TMI students buddied up with Monarch Academy students and participated in a number of activities during the school year, which culminated in a Fashion Show for the students at Morgan’s Wonderland. The purpose of Hand-in-Hand is to raise funds for the non-profit Monarch Academy, an innovative school for students with mild to moderate special needs.

TMI junior Isa Magraner served as the show’s Fashion Director, junior Elise Notzon served as the Buddy Director and senior Steven Constantin was this year’s Program Director. The event raised over $37,500.

TMI students who volunteered as Buddies and models were:

Zach Jackson
Hailey Carter
Nick Anthony
Brianna Perez
Lillian Goebel
Keely Gomez
Connor McMillian
Kendall Bohne
Lexy Roberts
Griffin Foultz
Chris Perez
Emily Gaines
Sarah Dickie
Julieta Martinez
Jacob Carter
Kelsey Lansdale
Hannah Taylor
Isa Merlo
Maria Zurita
Darby Moran
Berenice Quintanilla
Emilee Bassett
LeSean Brown
Nicole Plant
Jacqueline McCullick
Nelly Albo
Ashley Kim
Moramay Oroquin Braunstein

TMI students who volunteered as servers for the evening of the Hand-in-Hand fashion show:

Chase Wisnowski
Seely Stephens
Christophe Bernier
Kyle Nevitt
Garrett Riesz
Sandra Marcushamer
Amna Ali
Emily Limmer
Emily Kercheville
Vincent Qian
Berkeley Brown
Eleanor Cole
Grace Metz