Panther Robotics advances to South Super-Regional Championship

Team 6221: Panther Bots Alpha – Harrison White, Hector Castillo, Morgan Garbett, Joaquin Castillo, Chad Harthan. (Not pictured: Fe Gajiga-Pena, Jennifer Nash, Osman Sharaf, Annie Umer, Ian Vaughn)

On Saturday, February 8, 2014, TMI Panther Robotics Team 6219 and Team 6221 competed in the Alamo FTC Regional Championship Tournament.

Team 6221, Panther Bots Alpha won the Motivate Award and will now advance to the South Super-Regional Championship. The Motivate Award celebrates the team that exemplifies the essence of FTC through team spirit and enthusiasm. They show their spirit through costumes, a cheer, or strong team identity. This team has also made a collective effort to make FIRST known throughout their school and community.

There were a total of 61 teams in two divisions at the Alamo FTC Championship; 14 teams are now advancing to the South Super-Regional Championship Tournament – the top 23%. This year the Super-Regional Championship Tournament is a new tier for FTC. There are four FTC regions in the United States. Each Super-Regional Championship tournament will host 72 teams, for a total of 288 spots at the four Super-Regional Championships. FIRST expects to advance the top 20 teams from each Super-Regional to the FTC World Championship – that’s the top 28%.

The FTC South Super-Regional Championship Tournament will be held at Henry B. Gonzalez Center on February 26 – 28.

Congratulations to both Panther Robotics teams for all the hard work and determination; the TMI community is proud to have a team representing the school in the South Super-Regional Championship!

Submitted by Debra Barnes