TMI hosts Happening #125

TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas hosted Happening #125 on August 2-4 with Patrick Wickham, TMI Class of 2013, serving as rector. It was a high-energy weekend with eternal impact. The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas holds three of these events each year, and the summer event is generally the largest. At Happening #125, 94 Happeners and staff lived on campus throughout the weekend, sharing their faith and worshipping God.

Happening is much more than just another spiritual retreat. It is an experience that is relationally centered on Christ and is a teen-led movement, which provides a forum for teens to minister and serve to other teens. All sophomores through seniors are invited to attend the next Happening, #126, which will take place on November 22-24 in Victoria, Texas. Our very own Susannah Wright, TMI Class of 2014, has been named rector.