Students compete in the Texas State Junior Classical League Area B Convention

This past weekend, 23 students from TMI competed in the Texas State Junior Classical League (TSJCL ) Area B Convention at John Paul Stevens High School where nearly 1,000 students from 28 different local high schools converged to celebrate the classics and to test their knowledge of Latin Grammar, Latin Vocabulary, Latin Literature, Latin Derivatives, Roman History, Roman Life, Mythology, Latin Mottoes and Abbreviations, Ancient Geography and Monuments and many more. This year, all TMI students placed high enough in the Area competition to advance to the State competition.

Note: 1/2A’s are 7th graders and 1/2B’s are 8th graders. For the TMI TSJCL chapter, all students who placed 10th or higher on their tests or placed Magna Cum Laude or higher on the Pentathlon are eligible to go to state.

Area results are as follows:

Fifth place Roman life 1/2B JT Floyd
Third place Roman life 1/2B Victoria Flener
Second place Roman life 1/2A Borna Hajivandi
Fourth place Roman life IV Jonathan “JAC”Clark
Fourth Place tie Monochromatic art Izzy Miller and Jessica Overmeyer
Fourth place Polychromatic art Jessica Overmeyer
Tenth place Latin derivatives Izzy Miller
Fourth place Derivatives 1/2B Matt Perz
Second place Derivatives 1/2A Hope Westerman
Ninth place Vocabulary level III Gaby Font
Fifth place Vocabulary 1/2B Royya Osouli
Fourth place Vocabulary 1/2A Peter Fera
Second place Vocabulary Allie Prado
Ninth place Grammar advanced level II Chris Clark
Seventh place Grammar advanced level III Jessica Overmeyer
Third place Grammar 1/2B Elizabeth Holmes
Tenth place, Roman history level III Garrett Riesz
Fourth Place Roman history 1/2B Juan Pablo Martinez
Second place Roman history IV Susannah Wright
Sixth place Reading comprehension level II Jessica Corley
Third place Reading comprehension level 1/2A Jacob Saenger
First place Reading comprehension level 1/2B Maddi Herrera
First place Mythology 1/2 A Ethan Arellano

Pentathlon-5 subject test covering Latin grammar, vocabulary, Roman history, Roman Life and Mythology

Level I Berenice Quintanilla
Level 3 Jessica Overmeyer

Magna cum LAUDE
Level 1/2 A Borna Hajivandi
Level 1/2 B. Maddi Herrera
Level 2 Aidan Read
Level 3 Gaby Font

Maxima cum LAUDE
Level 1/2 A Jacob Saenger
Level1/2 B Elizabeth Holmes, Juan Pablo Martinez, Matt Perz
Level 3 Garrett Riesz, Izzy Miller

Level 1/2 A Hope Westerman, Ethan Arellano
Level 1/2 B Allie Prado
Level 4 Jonathan “JAC” Clark, Susannah Wright

DECATHALON-only one student per level allowed to take this test, covers ten classical subjects
Level1/2A Second place Ethan Arellano
Level1/2B Fourth place Elizabeth Holmes
Level 4 Second place Susannah Wright

Photo and story by Claudia Clark, 9th Grade Form Leader, Latin Teacher, and sponsor of the National Junior Classical League